We are a group of talented and experienced individuals who are incredibly humble and enthusiastic about our passion for filmmaking. Our pride lies in our ability to execute projects with the utmost creativity while staying within budget. Unconditionally, we love three things: what we do, the people we work with, and good food, though not necessarily in that order.


Ray Martenstyn, a celebrated filmmaker with a passion for captivating storytelling, embarked on his cinematic journey at a young age. He honed his skills in directing, producing, cinematography, editing, scoring, and visual effects.

Among his achievements are Hollywood projects like "30 Days of Night," "The Tattooist," and "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans." Ray's creative vision continues to inspire audiences as he leads his production company, "The Insomniak Films," and post-production firm, "Serenity Post Production Worldwide."


Reena Fernandez

Reena Fernandez, a dynamic film producer, hails from a multicultural background due to her father's professorship, leading to frequent moves. Raised alongside her theater-loving mother, she developed a passion for the arts from a young age.

After completing her degree at UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television in 2006, Reena honed her skills in networking, communication, organization, and efficient problem-solving. Balancing her time between San Francisco and Auckland, she's left a lasting impact on the film industry.


Izel Martenstyn

Izel Martenstyn, a key producer at Ray Martenstyn Films, excels in crucial aspects of film production. From location scouting to crewing and casting, she brings a keen eye and organizational skills to ensure smooth execution on set.

Additionally, Izel manages shooting permits, legal requirements, and accounting with meticulous planning, contributing to project success. Her unwavering dedication and passion for storytelling have created captivating cinematic experiences for audiences worldwide.


Yvonne Stanley

Yvonne Stanley, a producer since 2017 and former hotelier, is a sharp and capable individual with a remarkable ability to make the impossible happen. Her passion for bringing creative visions to life has led to numerous successful projects and ventures.

With a wealth of experience and an unyielding dedication to excellence, Yvonne continues to make a profound impact in the world of production, leaving an indelible mark on every endeavor she undertakes.


Liza Marie Li

Liza Marie Li is a seasoned Development Executive with a proven track record in the entertainment industry. With a passion for storytelling, she has spearheaded numerous successful projects from concept to completion.

Her keen eye for talent and creative vision make her an invaluable asset to any production team. With extensive expertise in project management and collaboration, Liza excels at bringing innovative ideas to life on both the big and small screens. Her dedication to excellence continues to drive her success in this dynamic field.


Aziz Al-Salman

Aziz Al-Salman is a Santa Clara University Graduate with a robust background in entertainment industry finance. Serving as a seasoned Chief Financial Officer, he brings expertise and acumen to financial matters in the entertainment sector.

With a keen eye for financial strategy and an impressive track record, Aziz plays a pivotal role in driving success and growth within the industry.



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